Bigger projects

Most of the time I first think of photographing my work when it is already finished. Occasionally I have photographed the progress. Below are three examples. Plus my last commission; the mosaic fruit. 

Fruit for Walt Disney

Funny, after having mosaiced anything from rocks to bottles, when someone asked me to mosaic fruit, I surprised myself by realizing that I had never yet considered mosaicing that. Well, that omission is now fixed, there is a whole bowl full of them now. On a boat somewhere in the Bahamas. 

Mosaic bathroom

Since my life's motto comes close to: "If it does not move, tile it", it only seemed natural to start mosaicing the house I live in. Starting with the smallest room in the house. 

Side table

This is what makes IKEA great; an endless supply of affordable items to glue glass onto. 


Hardest thing I ever mosaiced, this portrait. Have not yet mustered up the courage for a second attempt.