Mosaic bathroom

Since my life's motto comes close to: "If it does not move, tile it", it only seemed natural to start mosaicing the house I live in. Starting with the smallest room in the house. After priming the walls I began tiling the bottom half of the walls with sheets of ceramic pebble mosaic tiles. This way we could quickly put in the plumbing so the place was back available for business in no time. After that I took my sweet time tiling the upper half of the walls, drawing some outlines of the designs, but pretty much letting my fantasy take the lead in this. 

On an earlier family trip to Morocco we came across a small shop selling colorful ceramic wash basins. We dragged one back in our carry-on luggage, and managed to install it here. So it was only a natural finishing touch to mosaic the ceiling lamp in matching colors. I can honestly say that, as I spend time in this little room, I can not come up with a single thing left to mosaic. Heaven.